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1.1. Overview of Remote Access

Remote access to the RCK System Interface relies on two separate technologies and pieces of software. The first is VPN (virtual private network) which allows the remote device to be securely treated as if it was on the same local, private network as the computer which is being accessed. VPN access allows secure and encrypted remote access to the RCK System Interface.

The second technology used for remote access in this setup is VNC, or virtual network computing. The VNC application is the software which allows you to control another computer remotely.

Before remote access to your RCK system can be set up, the computer running the RCK System interface must have both a VPN and a VNC server installed and configured. This setup includes setting the passwords used to connect to each of the required software components.

Each customer's site is unique. For assistance in configuring your system for remote access please contact support@rckcontrols.com.

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